More research on Asian flush and alcohol allergy

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asian flush and alcohol allergyIt’s funny that I thought I had this whole Asian flush thing figured out, but it seems that there’s always a lot to learn. Recently, I’ve been writing aricles on Asian flush, alcohol flush reaction, and alcohol allergy. A while back I just assumed that Asian flush was the same thing as an alcohol allergy, but boy was I wrong! Not only did I learn that even though the symptoms are the same (sometimes), the reason for the reactions are completely different so you have to be careful to know what your condition is so that you can treat it properly.

I spent a lot of time summarizing the information I learned about the difference between alcohol flush reaction and alcohol allergies, so I won’t write everything here (who wants to write it twice, right), but I can to a quick overview. As soon as my article gets published I’ll provide a link to it.

asian flush and alcohol allergySo an alcohol allergy is rare, and if you have an allergic reaction from alcohol, it is most likely that it’s from something in the booze, not the alcohol itself. Some common things are sulphites, hops, wheat, and the fruit or vegetables that it’s made from. (grapes, potatos, plums, etc). So even though though you may have a red face, hives, or increased heart rate from drinking, it may not be Asian flush, it may be a type of allergic reaction. Try switching alcohols or see a doctor to find out what you’re allergic to.

Asian flush, as we know, is a deficiency of the ALDH2 enzyme, which makes our bodies unable to break down the toxic chemical acetaldehyde, and that causes the redness, swelling, and uncomfortable symptoms.

Allergies are treated with antihistamines, or in serious cases adrenaline. Asian flush can be prevented with antacids or cured with the No Red Face Formula. Could you imagine the trouble you’d get yourself in if you shot yourself up with adrenaline to cure your Asian flush? Or if you took some antacids to try and treat your allergy? To be honest, you might end up in the hostpital!

The drunken man with Asian Flush

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asian flushWow, what is it that is awesome about drinking. I’ll tell you what is great for me, and you may or may not appreciate it. NO Asian FLUSH. I know that some of you may not know what Asian flush is or may know what Asian flush is and not really give a crap but for those who have it, it’s really annoying. Imagine going to a party just knowing that you’re not going to score.


Imagine getting ready to go out for the night and checking to see if you’ve got enough antacid pills to hold you over.


Asian flush is just like that.  What is Asian flush? Asian flush is a condition which Asians and other people (but obviously mostly Asians experience) where your face and body turn red and itchy after you drink alcohol. Seems crazy right? But Asian flush can be a total mood killer if you’re trying to have a good time or trying to mac on some girl. Can you imagine…

asian flush“Excuse me can I buy you a drink, sorry I’m so red, I’m not drunk I’ve just got this thing called Asian flush because I’m Asian”

Wow, what a pick up line. No thank you. Let’s skip the whole thing and just be a normal guy having a  normal conversation and I’d have a better chance. Asian flush is a killer. A mood killer. A chance killer.  A life killer.

asian flushSo what do I do about my Asian flush? I use the No red face formula. I know it sounds like a scam, the whole ten thousand people satisfied and the whole money back guarantee. The No Red Face Formula seems a bit sketchy because it’s an e-book that can teach you to overcome your Asian flush, but it’s really something cool that most people would have never though of or never tried on their own. Yea, it’s a bit of stress on the wallet but if you consider the time and energy you’d have wasted trying to do this on your own, using antacids or reading books or researching Asian flush on the internet, the one time payment is totally worth it. Easy, quick, and a guaranteed success.

GET OVER IT! Get the No Red Face Formula

Gettin’ drunk with Asian glow!

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asian glowThe funny thing about being drunk with Asian glow is that if you’ve got Asian glow and have used the no red face formula you’ve got nothing to worry about. I know, I’m not even an Asian and I’ve got the Asian glow, how the hell did that happen.

Well it did.

Actually, this thing called “Asian glow” is not only for Asians, it’s just a thing called the alcohol flush reaction that is common amongst Asians but is not limited to Asian people. Asian glow is a result of the lack of an enzyme that breaks down the alcohol we drink or something like that. who really cares.

The point is that Asian glow is a pain in the ass. Really. Anyone who drinks is doing so because it’s fun.  having Asian glow and drinking is not fun. Not at all. I’ve got a light case of Asian glow, so it’s not so bad but I can’t imagine what it would be like with a serious case of Asian glow like some people have. The red face, the itchy skin, the hives and the dizziness. Christ. How on earth would you party like that?  I know, partying seems like not the most important thing in the world for some people, but for me, having a good time despite my Asian glow is something I find really important. Some people like dogs. Some people like chess. I like partying. What’s wrong with that?

Ok, Ok, I’m not here to try and defend my drinking habit. ha ha. I’m here to talk about Asian glow. The thing about Asian glow is that you can do something about it. Most people with Asian glow think that just because it’s a genetic thing that you can’t do anything about it and you’re stuck at home on Friday night watching friends reruns because you can’t go out with friends for a few pints.

The thing is that people with the Asian glow can appreciate the good times to be had in drink.  People with Asian glow can now turn to the no red face formula. I now, I’m using it right now.

Ok, not right now, but earlier tonight.

The thing about the no red face formula is that you can use it anywhere and there’s nothing to haul around with you. Once you read their e-book you can just take the information anywhere (duh, it’s in your head) and you’re always prepared, regardless of the level of you’re Asian glow.

for example, tonight.

asian glowIt was Friday night and there was nothing to do so I was just at home working on my blog and suddenly a friend called. There was a party going on and he needed a wingman.

Ok, I’m there.

If you were talking last month there was no way I would have gone. I would have been too shy to show up and explain my Asian glow to everyone I met.  But tonight and recently have been different because of this no red face formula. A bit of control and memorization of the things they have to say in their e-book and you’re on your way to having a good time getting busy with the best of the party goers.


Being Drunk with Asian flush

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asian flushOh man am I wasted right now and you know what’s keeping me from an itchy red skin and red eyes and puffy cheeks? Do you know what’s keeping me from being susceptible to that thing they call Asian flush? It’s called the No Red Face Formula. I know it sounds strange, but  you’ve got to believe me. All you have to do is click a few times (I know it’s a pain in the ass to pay the thirty seven dollars but trust me on this) and then their fancy schmancy e-book yours to have.

I’m a Chinese guy but I’ve grown up in The States. I guess I don’t really identify myself with being Chinese seeing as I’ve been in the US my whole life, but I’ve got the same make up of a Chinese so that means that I’ve got Asian flush.  Most of my friends are white (Caucasian) so I’m pretty much the only guys in our group that has to deal with Asian flush.

Duh. I’m the only Asian guy.

Yea, it’s a trip being an Asian in the US but what can you do. Anyway, back to the point at hand.

I’m drunk

And I’m not red

asian flushIt’s been a long road from the time I had my first drink at 19 and then through college (I’ve almost graduated now). I know, drinking seems to be a strange thing to be so passionate about but it’s really a pain in the ass for people with Asian flush. If you don’t have Asian flush you don’t know what I’m talking about. For me, it’s not so bad but it’s still than annoying thing that you just want to get rid of.  Asian flush for me is like this…..

When I start drinking I can have about a beer and I’m ok. So far so good. After the second beer I start getting red around the eyes.  It looks like a slight allergy for those who are looking closely and it depends on the lighting in the room whether or not you notice. Usually not.


However, after the third and fourth drinks it becomes obvious that something isn’t right. the red eyes spread to cheeks and face and neck and suddenly it’s the guy with Asian flush. Actually, no one has heard of Asian flush so it’s just the drunk guy who has an alcohol allergy and is probably an alcoholic.

asian flushLame!

So finally to the point is that I found a thing called the no red face formula that is basically an e-book that you can read and learn some crazy stuff to control your Asian flush. Unfortunately tonight I wasn’t able to bring any girls home but the point of the story is that I talked to quite a few and got a phone number or two because I was confident. I didn’t have to worry about my crazy Asian flush look. I didn’t have to worry about my Asian flush making me look like a loser trying to hit on some girl.  Well, that’s drunk me, you know the story.



How I cured my Asian glow

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My friends just didn’t believe that the No Red Face Formula could cure their Asian glow.  When I first told them about Asian Flush Plus and how it could cure their Asian glow they said, “No way, it’s definitely a scam.” To be honest, that’s what I thought at first as well.

So what changed my mind about it? What changed my mind from, “the No Red Face Formula is a scam” to telling ALL my friends about it?


Seriously, these days, people can sell anything on the internet.  Even with a few pictures and testimonials, there’s really no guarantee what you buy is what you get.  However, the No Red Face Formula comes with a money back guarantee so I figured I’d at least give it a try and see if it could cure my Asian glow.

The good news was that it did. After less than two weeks my Asian glow was gone and it’s never been back.

Get Rid of Your Asian Glow NOW

The embarrassment of a puffy red face, the uncomfortable itchy red skin, the all over unpleasant experience of just a couple drinks was gone.  The interesting thing was that the No Red Face Formula cured my Asian glow without shots, without pills, without antacids or any other kind of medicine. It was a way I could train myself to cure my Asian glow.

Imagine that, with an e-book, a one time cost with no re-ordering or extra costs, I was able to find out how to cure my Asian glow for the rest of my life. It’s been a while since I purchased the No Red Face Formula and it’s still going strong.  Now I can enjoy things I never could really do before. I can have a glass of wine with dinner. I can go out for a couple of beers with my buddies.  I can go out on a Friday night to a club and not worry about the lighting in the club and if it will be obvious that my neck and cheeks are neon red.

I’m just another guy with a blog. There’s really no reason to believe me! Ha Ha. So why not check out the official site of Asian Flush Plus and the No Red Face Formula to find out more about what they have to offer. And remember, with a money back guarantee there’s nothing to lose!

Start Living The Lifestyle You Desire NOW Click HERE

Last Friday…

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Wow, did I have a crazy night last Friday. If you’ve read my “about me” section, you’ll know that I’ve opened a sandwich and coffee shop in the Fujian Province of China. The other night I had to take out a couple of business associates in order to pass our heal inspection. Yeah, I know it sounds weird for someone who’s never been to China, but it’s perfectly normal here. Trust me, it doesn’t have to do anything with the cleanliness of our cafe. We’re as clean as a whistle.  But the government guys have a lot of people trying to get this certificate passed, and if you grease their palms a bit, it tends to get done a lot faster than if you don’t.  When in Rome…

So first we started with dinner. And of course, that included beer.  I don’t even remember what we ate now, but it was expensive.  The drinking started slowly, but quickly picked up pace and I was drunk before the dinner was over. The thing that they couldn’t get over was that my face wasn’t turning red. They kept saying how well I could hold my liquor.  It’s not true, but they were impressed and though I was just being modest when I said it wasn’t.  In the whole group of about ten people, I was the only one who wasn’t beet-red.

We quickly moved to KTV at about ten o’clock. I hate KTV, but for some reason, 40 year old business men love it, so that’s where we headed.  And of course there was more drinking. But this time we needed to get some more expensive booze on the table, so the whiskey started flowing and we polished off a couple bottles before twelve.

The rest of the night is a kind of haze but I remember something about going out for more food after and my last phone call was at about four o’clock in the morning.  About a week later (now) I’ve got my certificate.

Though the night flew past, and I don’t remember everything, something that stuck out in my mind is that I didn’t have to deal with my Asian flush.  After I found out about the No Red Face Formula, it’s just not been a problem. I can concentrate on my drinking and not my itchy skin.  Usually, especially when I mix different kinds of alcohol I break out into hives and it puts an end to my night quickly.  Now, that’s not the case.

You might want to check it out too.  You might not have boozing on the town in mind, but whatever your plans are, it can take the worry of “Asian flush” or “Asian glow” off your mind.

No Red Face Formula OFFICIAL SITE